Saving material and improving throughput
Monday, Jan 16, 2017
Cimteq and ACM Analytical systems have release full integration between CableBuilder, the cable design system and KSM, the cable testing and analysis program.  The integration is considered as a revolutionary advancement in closing the loop between the theories of design engineering and the realities of the shopfloor.  
Early this year the two companies announces a fully automated integration of design test parameters from the CableBuilder to KSM test system.  Today’s announcement builds on this foundation by providing design engineering with feedback of historical performance of products at their fingertips.  This enables them to make design improvements that reflect the current realities of manufacturing.  The integration provides Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts, Cp and Cpk, and many more parameters and trends.  It even provides the design engineer with the raw material cost of not making the design improvements necessary. 
Production lines over time either improve because of improvement in technology or new equipment, or in fact deteriorate.  Both cases periodically require a fresh look each product tolerances, or line speeds, to optimise its production.  There are essentially three action a design engineer can take, reduce tolerance if a new process improvements are working well.  Increase tolerance if the non-conforming product levels is high.  Or, adjust the line speed to maximise throughput. 
Ali Shehab, the CEO of Cimteq said 'The possibilities of production improvements and the speed with which they can be implemented, makes this a truly exciting development...'.  Making improvement changes to a set of designs that use a particular equipment takes only few minutes using CableBuilder’s mass update capabilities.  These improvements can immediately be reflected in the cost of the design used to quote customers, and on instruction to the shopfloor, as well as making the data available to ERP.
So what does that mean to the business.  Simply, quality products with lower material usage, and shorter lead times.

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